Many years of experience, language experts having degrees in technology, science or arts, and advanced management system integrating translators into effective teams enable Axis-T to translate specialized content, as well as large-scale inter-setoral projects.

Translation and localization

  • Editing
  • Editing is aimed on fine adjustment of the translation to ensure exact correlation between the translation and the original by meaning. It also includes correcting slips and semantic errors, as well as spelling, punctuation and grammar errors, if any.

  • Transcreation
  • Transcreation means translating a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone and context. Slogans, headlines, banners and other marketing texts are usually based on idioms, puns, allusions, implications and other elements of the local culture. The transcreation editor must take the essence and values of a message and re-create it in the target language.

  • Term base management
  • Active term base management is an essential component of the specialized translation. Axis-T develops data bases, glossaries, equivalence tables and term lists jointly with you complying with the corporate image and mission by integrating all processes on the basis of unified terms and definitions. It ensures maintaining the unique corporate style.


  • Simultaneous interpreting is performed by an interpreter synchronously with listening to the translated message. Consecutive interpreting is performed by an interpreter after listening to the translated message or understanding the idea of the speaker.

  • Escorting interpreting


  • Audio/video transcription means converting oral messages and conversations from audio/video records into the written text. Such records include video conferences, phone conversations, films, TV programs, etc.

  • Dubbing/voice-over means supplementing video information by voice maintaining emotions and state of a speaker.

  • Subtitles are used to translate the voice content in the form of text messages integrated into the video.

  • Video localization and editing

Design, make-up, printing

Often the size of the original text changes much after translation distorting the document layout. Axis-T can maintain your corporate style adapting it to many languages.

Axis-T provides professional printing services in addition to make-up. Producing catalogues, brochures, booklets, leaflets, etc. in electronic form.


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